Adding a new Weblogic Managed Server

Within a Weblogic domain, server instances other than the Administration Server are referred to as Managed Servers. Managed Servers host the components and associated resources that constitute your applications—for example, JSPs and EJBs. When a Managed Server starts up, it connects to the domain's Administration Server to obtain configuration and deployment settings.
Let’s see how to add a Managed Server from the Administration Console:

1.       Navigate to the Environment | Servers option and click on the “New” button.

2.       The New Server window will let you define the basic server properties. For the purpose of this example, we will choose as Server Name “WLSNode1” and enter 7003 as Server Port. Leave the “No, this is a stand-alone server” option selected in the lower part of the GUI (In Chapter 9 we will describe how to create a cluster from a set of managed nodes).

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Choose Finish. This will take you to the Servers view which now includes the server WLSNode1 as shown by the following picture:

oracle weblogic book oracle weblogic books

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